Careers Guidance…

Adecco have completed some research which states that they have –

“Explored the views of 14 year-olds across the education sector in the UK and it has revealed that 45% of independent school students receive regular careers guidance from their school, compared to just 13% of students in state schools and 14% of students in academy schools”.”

So, if not all students at school receive careers guidance, where do they go?

The majority of young people receive guidance from their parents, however it’s hard for parents to keep up to date with the labour/jobs market and to know all of the latest news on Apprenticeships when they have to juggle so many other things.

As a professional careers advisor, that’s where I can help, for either a quick chat or a few meetings to make sure that you are on the “right track” and can see your career path.

Let me give you a helping hand…