Recent feedback

“Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been given the job , I can’t thank you enough for all the help and support you have given me with my CV and my cover letter as well as all the tips and tricks with interview tactics that you have given me and others. I think you are a massive help to the school and I personally thank you for that. I would not have got the job without your support and guidance.” – July 2018

“The students had clearly considered their post 16 options carefully and this is no doubt a reflection of the excellent support put in place by you at the school”  – Feedback from a Sixth Form to the Headmaster – March 2018

“Thank you for all you have done for the students, the school and me this past few months. Feedback is overwhelmingly positive and pupils feel they are well supported, a job well done!” – February 2018

“Pupil feedback: Careers teaching is really good, Careers adviser is especially helpful

SIP : Pupils feel well informed and expressed to me how good their careers adviser is in helping them in deciding their next steps in education, training or employment.” School Improvement Partner – December 2017

“Thank you for all of your hard work and effort over the course of the Skills Show 2017.” – November 2017

“It’s clear for me to see that you have had a very positive and direct influence on ensuring all our pupils get the best opportunities from an ever increasing range of providers!  Thank you for all your hard work.” – October 2017

“You do a great job for our students.” – October 2017

“Thanks again Tracey for an amazing staff meeting, everyone really enjoyed it!” – May 2017

“Thank you so much for your help – I got the job!” – April 2017

“You have been instrumental in creating a buzz around careers, their action plans are being used by SLT on a regular basis to have follow on conversations with our pupil premium students.   Thank you for your hard work on all these issues and your energetic approach to our events and meetings” – January 2017

“A special thank you for all your efforts and enthusiasm throughout The Skills Show 2016” – November 2016

“Amazing work from Tracey, who has gone above and beyond her contractual responsibilities” – October 2016

“Thanks Tracey, this is fantastic.  We all enjoyed having you in school.” – October 2016

“Thank you for the meeting, I found it very helpful” – October 2016

“Thank you for this Tracey, and thank you so much for your sessions this week.  Your energy is fantastic and I wanted you to know how much we appreciated that.  I look forward to you working with us next year.” – July 2016

HUGE thanks to all for helping yesterday.  It is a long day for all but a quick look at the evaluations indicates kids got a lot out of it”  – July 2016

“I’m really looking forward to working with you. You will be a great addition to our Sixth Form provision and helping me to steer our young people in the right direction. Very positive vibes.” – June 2016

“Thank you Tracey – it was wonderful to have your support for this day” – April 2016

“Thank you for all of your hard work regarding work experience – cracking job!” – March 2016

“You’ve made excellent progress with careers guidance and had a significant impact on the Year 11 cohort, you have achieved our joint aim of creating a buzz around careers.  I am very grateful of how accommodating you have been with our plans and timescales.” – Feb 2016

“Thank you so much for the time that you spent with me.  It was invaluable” – December 2015

“It was a pleasure having you on board.  You were absolutely perfect!  Many thanks for your commitment and enthusiasm throughout the whole Skills Show experience!”  “You were as ever an absolute star and so lovely to work with so thank you very much from me!!!” – Skills Show, November 2015

“Thank you for all your efforts to date, they are appreciated by the whole of our leadership team.” – November 2015

“I got the Apprenticeship at Peugeot Citroen – Thank you for your help and support” – July 2015

“Thanks again for all your work it has been great working with you and I hope we get an opportunity to do so again.” – June 2015

” Thank you for being so accommodating over the last few months, it has been great getting to know you”  – June 2015

“I am impressed with the work that you have done for me so far.  You are extremely efficient and have created some really excellent stuff, I am excited by the prospect of what we can achieve over the next few months!”  – April 2015

“I felt the meeting last week was very positive and look forward to meeting you again shortly” – March 2015

“Thank you for yesterday!  I have started doing some prep work and I will try to spend at least a couple of hours one night this week to look at things further.” – Feb 2015

“Very helpful and kind” – Jan 2015

“Very helpful and friendly. I feel very positive about starting the course and was happy with everything that we did today” – Jan 2015.

“I found my appointment with my careers adviser, Tracey very useful and informative” – Nov 2014

“Good and helpful” – Nov 2014

“I understood everything that I am going to do – both on the course and everything else that I can do” – Oct 2014

“My experience today has made me learn more about selling yourself to the employer recruiting” – Oct 2014

“Everything has been explained very well. I understood the advise given to me” – Oct 2014

“Tracey was really helpful today and explained a lot about the course” – Oct 2014

“I enjoyed the interview and hope to achieve my goal in the future” – Oct 2014


Feedback from recent workshops:

“Thank you so much for facilitating our Schools Forum, it was by far the best one yet and that was 100% down to you and the way that you lead proceedings, encouraged audience participation and summarised each topic brilliantly.”  April 2015

“I’d just like to thank you so much for your time and energy today.  The students had a fabulous experience and feedback from your session was very positive.   I do appreciate how much time you gave to us.   The students gained a lot from your session and I know it will have made some of them think about their career path very carefully.”  April 2015

“Really good session, good advice given on CV.”

“Excellent advice.”

“Very helpful and made me feel comfortable.”

“Tracey is very good, very useful info.”

“I found this very good it gave me a lot of ideas to update my C.V.”

“Very easy to speak to and a natural relaxing manner – very good.”

“Good refreshment of what I need to do and what employers are looking for.”

“Brilliant session.”

“Good discussions and advice.”


Feedback from Careers Guidance meetings:

“Thank you so much for getting this across to me. It was really helpful seeing you on Saturday.”

“You have inspired and provoked me into a lot of thinking, which can only be a good thing.”

“Excellent, understanding service.”

“Today’s session was very helpful and Tracey was great!”

“Was very helpful and gave me more of an eye opening to things.”